Pre-order new EP – ‘Back from behind the Sun’
Now that Pledge has disappeared we thought we’d do our own pre order for our new EP.
What do you get from our pre order?
• The EP posted out to you 1 week before its released on general sale.
• Your name printed on a special insert which is part of the EP release as a thank you for being part of the release. We really add your name to the package. This will be for a limited time only though as we’ll need time to sort printing for the release.
• The EP will be signed by of all of the band.
• An EP newsletter sent out monthly as we prepare, write and complete the album, (we will need to hold your personal email data to be able to send you the newsletter so by purchasing the pre-sale, you need to be aware that you are agreeing to this).
• The pre-sale will run from May 18th until September 30th 2019. It will close so that (2) can be printed.
• The EP will be delivered asap in December, but by the latest December 10th.
• The EP will contain a cover of 'Jane', originally by Jefferson Starship. Those who have seen us live will know this is a favourite of the fans. 4 brand new, original songs will also be included.
You can order the EP by clicking on the widget to the right hand side of this page.
Thank you 
This is a mockup of the EP cover. More details are to be added but this is the basic design.

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Dave Crompton's (Fireworks Mag) - quote

"sumptuous AOR with a Melodic Rock edginess to each and every track"

Prepay - New EP - Back from Behind the Sun